Theology Labs 2.0

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Faith Bible Church, and Kaleo, Family, Life, Friends, and Love

So for those of you that don’t know, I attend an amazing church that teachs the word of God in it’s entirety, without misenterpratation, or opinion.  I have found this church to be the most unwavering, biblically accurate, family and member oriented church that I have ever attended.  Completely submissive to the authority of scripture.  You can find them on-line at…  Within this church there functions a tight knit group … a cell if you will…  of college age, young families, and even some members of the church that are young at heart.  This group is called Kaleo, you can find them on-line at… .  I have had the pleasure of serving in this group for 3 yrs. now, and God has done some incredible things in my life through these people.  Within Kaleo there functions even smaller tight knit goups  …cells within a cell if you will…  These are the groups that we collectively call Theology labs.  If you haven’t guessed already, these are smaller bible studies that have  heavy doses of theology, apologetics, philosophy, and causation included in the studies.  The study is meant to be done prior, and when we get together it is more of a question directed discussion.  The group that I attend meets up at Andrew Jackso…  err..  Eric Cobbs place of residents.  This particular study tonight revolved around methods, and intended messages for gospel conversations with un believers, and was influenced from a message that Tim Keller preached entitled “Absolutism: Don’t We All Have To Find Truth For Ourselves?“.  Needless to say, I love getting into these discussions.  Anything that includes theology, philosophy, and the gospel turns my mind on like a revving engine.  The discussion was lively, and I felt that everyone was right on in how they were answering questions about how to challenge false beliefs, and break down peoples walls on the subject of absolutism, and relativism, and objections to the gospel.  It is so important to remember that we are not there to win intellectual battles, and sway people into belief.  Nor are we there to make them feel un intelligent, or inadequate.  We are there to plant seeds.  It is the Gospel that has authority to change mens hearts.  And it is Gods work that softens, molds, and recreates.  Yes our God is soveriegn, and he chooses whom should know him, and when.  We as christians are merely vessels which God uses to deliver the gospel.  However…..  that is a big responsibility, and learning how to softly challenge peoples objectives so that the gospel can actually get past their pre-concieved notions, and misguided objections, requires us to be able to answer such questions that are rooted in bad philosophy, and lies that our world sells as truths.  During our discussion tonight, a couple of thoughts came into my head….  one of which I have already talked about above.   The others I will share with you now.  We have some incredibly smart, gifted, and educated people in our group.  I am more than blessed by all of them.  Brian Renicke you are the man, I don’t know how I missed the fact that you majored in Philosophy.  Tommy Shamilton, you have an incredible understanding for someone just getting in to theology…  please speak up more.  Tori, always willing to make sure you(we) have complete understanding and focus on the gospel.  Also a big self realization tonight.  We were actually doing mock scenarios, and during one of these, Eric challenged us by pretending to be someone who basically said “Even if God is real, and even if hell is real, I don’t want to obey him.  I’d rather go to hell than have to worship a God.  I am fine on my own.  I shouldn’t have to”  During this scenario we had some good questions as a group, but in my mind I was thinking like this….      okay first you gotta handle the Absolute truth vs. relativism debate –> then Creation vs. Evolution –> then Jesus, saviour vs. misconception –>  then Bible, word of God vs. good book –> then you can give the Gospel message.  And while I was still on this mental train ride figuring out how to build this guy a beautiful, strong, unwavering, glorious, foundation of faith…    A very sweet, soft hearted girl who attends our TL by the name of Amy Sowa asked “So your saying that you wouldn’t want to worship a God that loved you so much that he sent his Son here to earth, totally innocent, spotless, blameless to die on a cross, be a sacrifice for your sins, give you a way to have a relationship with God, and save you from hell?”  And immediately I felt like the class dunce.  See where my mind was going was….

OBJECTION–?—blah——blah—?—theology—–selfimportantbabel—-?—?—-blah——blah—–philosophy—-?—selfsatisfying———blah——> GOSPEL

What Amy did was….


It’s like when NASA was trying to solve their instrument peoblem back in the 60’s…  see pens don’t work when theres no force of pressure (gravity) to move the ink.  So in a continued effort to do everything bigger, better, and before Russia, they spent millions of dollars designing a pen that could write in zero gravity, and was small enough to still be relevant as a pen.  Guess how the Russians solved this problem?               ….they told their cosmonauts to use a pencil.  Thank God for girls like this that remind me that the Gospel is the important part, and it is enough.  A great spirit filled night tonight.  Looking forward to sunday message and worship.  Muellers gonna bring it.

Also today I just found out about hipstamatic!!!!  Downloaded it immediately.  Dude!!! This is the best app I have seen in a year!  So stoked on this thing seriously!  We had a lot of fun with it at TL tonight.  And now for your visual enjoyment…


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What’s the sound track to your life? 

  1. Erick Cobb says:

    Great post. Theology Lab is pure joy for for Tasha and I. Thanks for being a part of that Jared.

  2. Amy So says:

    Jared! What eloquent words the Lords blessed you with in expressing the Truth and how that Truth has (and is..) influenced and transformed your life!!! your blog was mentioned tonight, so i had to check it out…and thank you for such kind words you said about me, but i must admit, it was TOTALLY not from anything i could have come up with or done on my own, i mean i just listened to the audio….the Holy Spirit MUST have been at work in me then and wed ;-)!

  3. Eric – Thanks for facilitating our group. I love spending time at your house with your family. You give all of us a great example of what a gospel centered family looks like. BTW Tasha makes a mean sloppy joe.

    Amy – Thank you for the compliment. I am kind of wondering where you heard my blog being mentioned at? Also, you have an incredible ability to learn, and apply the gospel to your life. You have a great hunger for the word, and a heart for people. Christs work is evident in your life. I am excited to sharpen, and be sharpened by you.

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