Life in “The Mecca”

Posted: October 20, 2010 in Life, Friends, and Love, The Mecca

It’s amazing how much people complain about living in Temecula (Really southern california in general).  I hear people go on and on about how there is absolutely nothing to do in Temecula, or Murrieta.  People have told me that they hate the people, hate the culture, hate the weather, hate the traffic….  they say that they are gonna move away and never come back, but these people have no idea how good they have it.  I love living in Temecula!!!  It’s beautiful, the weather is great, we live an hour away from everything! (Mountains, snow, beach, desert, lakes, rivers, and San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles are just close enough)   We are known for our wine, our Casino/Resort, and our western history.  Our city is very low crime, and is mostly middle-upper class, and young families.  Our valley is very green, and well maintained.  I have been here for 21 years now, and I can’t see a reason to ever move away.  Now before you classify me as a shut in, who doesn’t know any better…    Let me say..   I have seen a lot of the country.  In my younger years I toured with a music group (Which is a whole other post entirely!), and we spent time in 47 of the lower 48 states, parts of Canada, and on the border in Mexico.  I also lived for a short period of time in Idaho.  There is some beautiful country in the US, some great and wonderful sub cultures, and plenty of friendly folks, and great places to live.  There are plenty of places I could happily spend my days.  But out of all of them I love Southern Californian the most.  Let me make a few points…     some topics to discuss if I may….

1.  …and most important, it’s not where you are, it’s who your with.  Now I am not only refering specifically to wives, girlfriends, and significant others, and family, although they certainly qualify…  But also important are friends, groups that you are part of, and (Specifically for me) churchs.  See I believe the old saying is true that “You are who you surround yourself with”.  And if have any of those afformentioned things above here in SoCal, then why would you want to leave them?  I know personally, the relationships, and friendships I have took a lot of time, effort, and experiences that can’t be replicated, in order to build them to where they are now.  Starting over just seems foolish.  I know that for some, that is the exact reason to move away, but I tend to see those people change their minds as they mature.  Even if that means coming back.

2. When people get settled into an area, they tend to fall into a pattern of routine that doesn’t involve taking advantage of their locations.  I know myself that I tend to work, sleep, hang out at the same 10-12 places in town, repeat.  But when was the last time you went to the beach? Tried a new water sport? went to see a professional baseball, football, or basketball team play?  Gone to a concert?  Gone wine tasting?  Gone up into the mountains? Gone into Mexico?  Gone to an amusement park?  Gone snowboarding?  Think of all the cool things to do, landmarks to visit, and things to see between Mexico, and LA!!!  When was the last time you even ventured outside of your cities limits.

3.  Although we do have earthquakes, and big cities….   We are not a “Concentrated population”. Meaning our population is spread out over a much larger area than many other big cities.  This is beneficial for many reasons.  Think about it.

4.  I can walk outside in the dead of winter in a T-shirt and not freeze to death.

5.  We have marvelous entertainment.  All the big acts come through SoCal, and theirs lots of venues to see them at.

6. We have always had a strong music scene, art scene, and fashion scene.  And hard to find items, are usually obtainable here.

7.  It feels like home.

These are just a few of the reasons I can think of off the top of my head.  I personally try to spend time here in Temecula out in the Vineyards.  I think it’s the best part of Temecula, and it feels very peacefull, and relaxing just being out here.  Let me show you what I mean.

Currently listening to:       Circa Survive – On Letting Go

What’s the sound track to your life? 


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