Whatever happened to the respect?

Posted: December 11, 2009 in Life, Friends, and Love, Music

OK so let me start off this post by explaining a little bit about the way I think.  I sometimes get a little too wrapped up in my rants, but I think that this is really an important subject to talk about.  I strongly believe that music is a wonderfull, and beautiful language, that transcends all race, culture, and even species (I know what your thinking, species? really? Yes!  Haven’t you ever heard of the saying “Music soothes the savage beast”?  How many nights have you spent listening to the symphony of crickets, and cicadas in the plants around you?  And how many Angels have sung praises to God?  None of them are human.),  only confined by the human imagination.  I have more respect for musicians than almost any other group of people.  This is why I give music so much attention.

Now heres how serious I am about this.  I built a custom set of speakers using a mixture of bolt audio subs, Yamaha NS-10 speakers, and EV mid woofers/ horns.  I have it powered by a vintage 1970 all tube reciever running up to 200 watts.  So now I have studio quality sound w/ the exact same frequency response, and tonal quality.  I import my CD’s as .wavs, which does not lose any sound quality, and when I listen to music, I turn off my phone, darken the room, and make sure there are no distractions. 

Why is it that no one from our generation can even make it through one song?  What happened to the days when kids would get together just to listen to a new record?  Now music is so available that kids download it for free, put it on they’re phones and Ipod’s at a disgustingly compressed rate, and then ignore it!!!!   The Music deserves better!

Cuurently listening to :         The Apex Theory – S/T


What’s the soundtrack to your life?


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